Norsk kreftgenomikkonsortiumn


Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium (NCGC) consists of clinicians and specialised cancer research groups, situated at the Norwegian University Hospitals. The participants collaborate on two large research projects, focused on cancer genomics. The projects, which have received 75 M NOK in funding from the Norwegian Research Council, aim to establish new clinical practises for cancer treatment. The projects are led by the associated group leaders, Tom Dønnem (UNN), Bjørn Tore Gjertsen (HUS), Jutta Heix (Oslo Cancer Cluster), Harald Holte (OUS), Eivind Hovig (OUS), Ragnhild Lothe (OUS), Per Eystein Lønning (HUS), Leonardo Meza-Zepeda (OUS), Ola Myklebost (OUS), Sissel Rogne (Bioteknologirådet), Ole Morten Seternes (UiT), Jan Helge Solbakk (UiO, vara Sissel Rogne), Giske Ursin (KR), Anders Waage (St Olav). Eyrun Thune is the coordinator.

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