The Norwegian 1000 genomes project

The Norwegian 1000 genomes project

A database of Norwegian normal genetic variation


As part of the NCGC studies of tumour mutations, we determine also the normal variants in blood samples from all patients. Since the detailed genetic profiles are very sensitive information, we will only present here the summed up variant frequencies within each type of cancer. The detailed profiles are stored in a secure environment with strict access control.

You may access the database here.

For many studies we need to now which genetic or somatic variants observed are common in the population in question, and which can be suspected to be disease-associated. Since genetic variation is very different from population to population, and most international databases, such as “The 1000 Genomes Project“, do not include Norwegian subjects, we have made this page to make our normal variants available to other scientists. Since there are no links between the different variants from each individual, these data are absolutely anonymous, and cannot be traced back to individuals without going through the NCGC Access and Approval system.

We are now working on this database, which will first include all our exome data (i.e. the sequence from all genes), and then our whole genome data (sequence of the entire genome). The data will be available as one database from all cancer patients, and separate databases for our cohorts from melanoma, colorectal cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, prostate, sarcoma, and breast cancer.

We will also accommodate data from other studies of Norwegian subjects.

For technical questions, please contact Prof Eivind Hovig ehovig<at>