Personalized Cancer Medicine

NCGC runs the largest research project in Norway within cancer genomics


Our patient genome data are safe

We store the patient genome data in a specially designed encrypted server that is not affected by the security problems experienced with the OUS hospital system

The Norwegian 1000 genomes project

  A database of Norwegian normal genetic variation   As part of the NCGC studies of tumour mutations, we determine also the normal variants in blood samples from all patients. Since the detailed genetic profiles are very sensitive information, we will only...

NCG arranges meeting on a Nordic model for personalized medicine

  A Nordic meeting was otganised together with NCGC partners Oslo University Hospital, Oslo Cancer Cluster, the Biotechnology Advisory Board, The University Hospital in Northern Norway, and the Nordic Network for Early Cancer Trials (NECT), Nordic Health Research...

What is personalised cancer treatment?

  Personalised medicine, or precision medicine, is when we can better adapt disease treatment to the genetics of each patient and molecular subtype of the disease The recent development of high-throughput DNA sequencing hs enabled us to analyse in molecular...

NCGC participates in ICGC mutation calling benchmark study

  Published in Nature Communications   There are numerous variations to the algorithms used for detection of somatic mutations in cancer based on next generation sequencing, and these have a profound effect on what mutations are detected and which artefacts...