Personalized Cancer Medicine

NCGC runs the largest research project in Norway within cancer genomics


NCGC PhD dissertations

  The NCGC grants  included three PhD projects, of which two are now completed. The theses will be available on when all results have been published in scientific journals. Our PhD in health economy is not yet finished. MSc Robert Hanes at the Dept of...

The NCGC prostate cancer study is published in European Urology

  The study by Løvf et al, “High degree of genomic heterogeneity in multifocal primary prostate cancer” is now in press in European Urology (Journal impact factor 17,6). This detailed study by the group of Rolf I Skotheim at the OUS Institute for...

The Norwegian 1000 genomes project

  A database of Norwegian normal genetic variation   As part of the NCGC studies of tumour mutations, we determine also the normal variants in blood samples from all patients. Since the detailed genetic profiles are very sensitive information, we will only...